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Blacksmith Tongs

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The Hammer Source has Blacksmith Tongs from Picard Hammers in Germany.

Blacksmith Tong jaw shapes are Flat-nose Tongs, Round-nose Tongs, Wolf jaw Tongs, Riveting Tongs, Pick-up Tongs and Mandrel Tongs.

P4700 Flat Nose Blacksmith tong 



P4800 Round Nose Blacksmith Tong



P4900 Wolf Jaw Blacksmith Tong



P4910 Riveting Blacksmith Tong



P4920 Pickup Blacksmith Tong



P4930 Mandrel Blacksmith Tong



Sizes range from 500gm (1.1 lb.) to 1700gm (3.7 lb.).

Lengths are from 300mm (12") to about 600mm (24").

Take a close look- Click on images below for details.