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Aluminum Hammers

Buy Aluminum Hammers and Aluminum Mallets here, at The Hammer Source!

Why use Aluminum Hammers?

Aluminum hammer- wood handle

Aluminum Hammer



Aluminum Hammers:

-Resist chipping and breaking
-Do not rust
-Are non-marring
-Can be made with wood or fiberglass handles

Solid cast aluminum hammers are light-weight yet strong. The Hammer Source makes 5 sizes of Aluminum Hammers- from 3 oz. to 25 oz. 

Fiberglass handles are epoxied to the head and have a rubber non-slip grip. Wood handles are secured using wood and aluminum wedges.

Use Aluminum Hammers when you are striking something you don't want to damage, such as aluminum parts or materials harder than aluminum.

Aluminum is generally considered non-sparking since it is non-ferrous, however, any soft metal can pick up other materials that can produce sparks.

Aluminum hammers can be dressed to prolong their life. Use a file, grinding wheel, or belt grinder to remove burrs and to bevel the edges and to flatten the face. 

Discard Aluminum hammers if your see handle separation, chips or deformation.

Metal hardness comparisons can be found here.

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