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Malleable Iron Hammers

Buy Malleable Iron Hammers here at The Hammer Source!

A great replacement for lead!

Why Use Malleable Iron Hammers? Safety! 

Malleable Iron Hammers are:

Non-toxic- replaces lead!
Absorbs shock
Resists chipping and breaking
Made with sturdy hickory or fiberglass handles 

Malleable Iron Hammers are heat annealed at 1600 degrees for 2 days. This softens the iron. Malleable Iron Hammers don't chip, break or split, they simply "mushroom" so you won't mar what you strike. This iron is different from ductile or grey iron.

Use Malleable Iron in place of steel, brass, copper or lead hammers. Malleable Iron will last longer than other metals and it won't mar like steel sledge hammers.  

Metal hardness comparisons can be found here. Compare malleable iron hardness to Brass, Copper, Steel, and Aluminum. Malleable Iron-
Brinell hardness of around 134.

These Malleable Iron hammers is where The Hammer Source originated. Malleable hammers were designed by the Cadillac V-8 plant in Cadillac, MI in the 1930's. The company later out-sourced production. The Wolverine Company made and sold these until The Hammer Source bought the business in 1999.

The Hammer Source makes 5 sizes of Malleable Iron Hammers - 1,2,3,4 and 5 lb. Each size is made with tough Nupla fiberglass handles that are epoxied to the head. Nupla fiberglass handles have a notched rubber grip, a straight grip or fiberglass handle with molded polygrip.  

The Hammer Source uses solid hickory wood handles on 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 lb. hammers for lighter duty jobs. The hickory handles are steel wedged at the top of the handle to hold the heads on tight.

The Hammer Source Malleable Iron Hammers are Made in the USA by The HammerMan.