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Sledge Hammers

The Hammer Source carries a wide range of Sledge Hammers including: 

Steel Sledge Hammers with Wood or Fiberglass handles, 16" and 36"- Round striking faces.

The Hammer Source is replacing some of our China/India made Sledge Hammers with USA Made Sledge Hammers from Council Tools and Warwood Tools.

Council Tools is a 3rd generation USA company which makes high quality tools. Prices are a bit higher but the quality is great and much better than the import sledges. You get what you pay for!

Warwood tools is a USA company in business since 1854.



Steel Sledge Hammers with Square Faces and with Straight or Cross Pein faces. High Quality by Picard in Germany.

p402-03.jpg  p202-03.jpg  p301-06.jpg


Brass and Copper Sledge Hammers up to 24 lbs. (go to Brass or Copper Hammer pages). USA Made

24bfh36.jpg   12bwh.jpg  8bsh.jpg


We also have several big Dead Blow Hammers on this page. You can see all the Dead Blow Hammers here.

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