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Garland Split-Head Hammers

Buy Garland Split-head Mallets here at The Hammer Source!

Below you will see Garland split-head mallets. These mallets are made in the USA.

You can get sizes from 1" diameter to 2 3/4" diameter and faces are Rawhide, Urethane, GarDur Plastic (Garland Proprietary) and Nylon.

Use these hammers to set stone, brick or paving stones.

Easy to replace faces using a pipe wrench or crescent wrench-loosen the nut below the head.

You can use different faces on the same hammer.

Used for installation and demolition of coke ovens, blast furnaces, and other applications where refractory brick (firebrick) is being installed or removed. 


The green BASA faces are no longer made.