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Metalworking Hammers

Buy Metal Working Hammers here, at The Hammer Source!

We have a terrific selection of Metalworking Hammers, Auto Body Hammers and Jewelry Hammers. Many of these hammer are interchangeable so if you don't see what you are looking for in one category, try another category or use our SEARCH box at the top of the page.

Some of the hammers you see at The Hammer Source are from Joh. H. Picard in Germany. These hammers are the best you can buy. Made from top-quality steel and components, Picard hammers have been manufactured since 1857. The company is still owned by the Picard family after four generations. 

Picard hammers are the embodiment of top German quality and engineering known throughout the world. Any of our item numbers that begin with a “P” are Picard hammers.

See the Picard Catalogue for more hammers. If you see something I don't have on the site, let me know.


We also have Leather Shot Bags which are used for metal forming with Bossing Mallets

Blacksmith and Farriers hammers can also be found in our Blacksmithing category.

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