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Teardrop Eye

Tear-drop shaped eye handles are on this page. Handles that fit hammers, hatchets and axes with teardrop shaped openings. 

HOWEVER, Hammers have the thicker part towards the head and axes have the thinner part toward the blade!

This is important if you want a curved handle.


Handle return policy: You can return a handle for a refund but I do not refund outbound or return shipping costs. 

You will get an order confirmation with expected delivery and an e-mail with an invoice and tracking when shipped.

Handle orders must be placed on line. 
I do not take handle orders over the phone. 
If you have a handle question, SEND me an e-mail.


Buy any 2 handles, get 10% off
Buy any 10 handles get 15% off
Buy any 20 handles or more and get 20% off!
If you are buying 1 handle for your tool, best get 2 different handles so you have a plan B!
If the one you select doesn't fit, DON'T COME CRYING TO ME!

Welcome to The Hammer Source - Replacement Handle Source!

Find your wood replacement handle:
1. Determine your tool's eye shape:
a. Round
b. Rectangle
c. Oval
d. Teardrop or egg shape
e. Marquis or other shape (such as reverse wedge, Douglas crossover)

2. Measure your tool's eye size:
 a. Measure the Major (long part) and the Minor (wide part) of the opening where the handle inserts.
b. Choose a handle with an eye size as close to the opening as possible. A tight fit is essential! (If you find your handle is too big, you can carefully remove wood evenly from all surfaces.)

3. Select the handle length

Installing Wood Handles:
1. Pound the handle through the eye.
2. Trim off any excess handle protruding through the eye.
3. Drive wood wood wedge into the kerf (kerf is the slit at end of handle).
4. Drive the steel wedge in at a 30 degree angle to the head (about 2 o'clock).

Here is a video from a customer on how to replace a wood handle (Thanks Mark):

NOTE- Axe handles will have the thin part of the eye towards the blade. Hammer hammers have the large, rounded end toward the head.

All wood handles come with steel wedges and wood wedges (if handle is kerfed). The wedge kit is included with the price of the handle. 

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Check it this great article and videos from Yoav Liberman of Popular Woodworking.