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Split-Head Hammers

Buy Split Head Hammers here at The Hammer Source!

The Hammer Source has two types of Iron Hammers with Replaceable Faces:

1Split-Head hammers with easily replaceable soft faces.

Thor (Vaughan) Split-head Hammers (UK)-2 allen Bolts through the side of the head 

Malleable Iron heads feature quick change faces and handles using an allen wrench.
Thor Split-head hammers come with rawhide faces.
Rawhide, Copper, Aluminum and Plastic faces are also available separately.
Thor Hammers sometimes ship with Vaughan labels on them- THEY ARE MADE BY THOR HAMMMER!
Click here for Thor (Vaughan) Split-head Replacement handles (product ID: SH)

Halder Simplex Split Head Hammers (Germany)
Halder Simplex Split Head Hammers are available in Iron or Aluminum housings and have several replaceable faces. The Aluminum Head Hammer offers a light weight alternative. Click on the Link above or the Halder Simplex hammers below to see all the Simplex Hammers.


Garland Split Head Hammers (USA)- Locking Nut on bottom of hammer head, tighten with Pipe wrench.

Garland 31003 1 3/4

Iron heads securely lock replaceable faces in place with nut at the base of the head (I use a Pipe wrench).
Hickory handle is secured with wedge and pin to the head. 
Hammers are available with rawhide, nylon, urethane, GarDur plastic, all sold separately.
Click here for Garland Split-head Hammers.
Click here for Oval Eye Garland Replacement handles.
Click here for Round Eye Garland Replacement handles.

2Solid Iron Head Hammers with Copper and/or Rawhide faces. The faces are replaceable but with some effort.

The Vaughan CR150 (Thor 03-212) is the hammer commonly used for knock-off wheels.


 Hardness comparisons of synthetic faces can be found on the Hardness Comparison page.