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Mauls and Back Out Punches

Buy Mauls and Back Out Punches here at The Hammer Source!

We have a variety of specialized punch tools:

Spike Mauls
 - Bell Pattern Mauls come in 8 and 10 lb. sizes and with wood or fiberglass handles. Standard Pattern Mauls come in 8 lb. For driving spikes only.  

00301 Bell Pattern on left and Standard Pattern 00381 on right:

Ship Mauls- Used to plug holes in ships? It's true. Drive the pointed end of the Ship Maul in the leak in the haul (WITH A BRASS HAMMER-don't blow up the ship with one spark). Comes in wood and fiberglass handles.

Backing Out Punches (B&O Hammer or BOPs) - Use to drive out pins that hold together two pieces of equipment-like a backhoe shovel to the arm.
A word about Backing Out Punches. These tools should be struck only with hammers of lesser hardness. DO NOT strike this tool with a steel sledge hammer- the hammer or sledge could explode and/or fragment causing severe injury or death. USE A BRASS OR COPPER HAMMER WHEN STRIKING A PUNCH. We have added a couple of brass hammers to this page that should work fine. Or go to our Brass Hammer page. Also, when you strike steel on steel, you can cause a spark. Brass or Copper hammers reduce that potential because they are non-f
errous (without Iron).    

 council-bo500.jpg  council-bo500fgjpg.jpg  

Rounding Punch:


Tie Plug Punch- Used for driving out square plugs.


Round Track Punch