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Mauls and Back Out Punches

Buy Spike Mauls and Back Out Punches here at The Hammer Source!

We have a variety of specialized punch tools:

Check out these new items- Punches, also known as Drop-Mallets. Use these punches and drop-mallets to tap parts together or apart or to drive out pins. Hold the punch with one hand and hit it with another mallet. The nylon tips are replaceable and snap on securely.

Drop Mallet Sizes range from 10mm (.39 inches) to 50mm (2 inches).



Check out our Drop Punch video

Spike Mauls - Bell Pattern Mauls come in 8 and 10 lb. sizes and with wood or fiberglass handles. Standard Pattern Mauls come in 8 lb. For driving spikes only.  

00301 Bell Pattern on left and Standard Pattern 00381 on right:

Ship Mauls (12311 wood, 12315 fiberglass)- Used to plug holes in ships? It's true. Drive the pointed end of the Ship Maul in the leak in the haul (WITH A BRASS HAMMER-don't blow up the ship with one spark). Comes in wood and fiberglass handles.

Backing Out Punches (B&O Hammer or BOPs) - Use to drive out pins that hold together two pieces of equipment-like a backhoe shovel to the arm.
A word about Backing Out Punches. These tools should be struck only with hammers of lesser hardness. DO NOT strike this tool with a steel sledge hammer- the hammer or sledge could explode and/or fragment causing severe injury or death. USE A BRASS OR COPPER HAMMER WHEN STRIKING A PUNCH. We have added a couple of brass hammers to this page that should work fine. Or go to our Brass Hammer page. Also, when you strike steel on steel, you can cause a spark. Brass or Copper hammers reduce that potential because they are non-f
errous (without Iron). 

These are Backing out Punches (BOPs, Knock out Punches, Punches, Pin Punches):  

 council-bo500.jpg  council-bo500fgjpg.jpg  


Tie Plug Punch 21802- Used for driving out square plugs:


Round Track Punch 21902:


 Post Mauls (BT2724#)- Used for driving in fence posts. 10, 12, 14, and 16 lbs.



Use a Halder Dead Blow (H3366.110) Sledge hammer for Post Driving.

Check this video: