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Copper Hammers- Steel Handle

Buy Copper Hammers with Steel handles here at The Hammer Source!


All Copper hammers at The Hammer Source are made in the USA.

The Hammer Source has Copper Hammers from 1 to 15 lbs.

These copper hammers are cast-on tubular steel handles that are coated in a non-slip sanded paint. Made in the USA.

The Copper hammers at The Hammer Source are Copper Alloys, as are most metals with copper- like Brass, Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronze NAB). The Hammer Source Copper hammers that are 1/2 to 5 pounds are Copper Alloy 836 which is 85% Copper, 5 % Tin, 5 % zinc and 5% lead, known as Red Brass. This alloy is more durable than pure copper yet softer than yellow brass and NAB.

Hammer Source hammers 6 to 24 lbs. have higher copper content- in the 96-98% range. Other metals are added to copper to facilitate the casting process.

NOT for use in flammable/volatile environments due to the steel handles.

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