Shipping from Hammer Source

FIRST CLASS MAIL: As of 7-15-20 I have suspended First Class Mail service. IT IS A DISASTER.

USPS Priority Mail is taking 1-4 weeks rather than 1-4 days as usual. US Mail uses domestic flights to ship mail and domestic flights are down 90% this year so packages are sitting around waiting for planes and trucks to load on to.

USPS is less expensive than everything else- UNTIL YOU DON'T GET YOUR SHIPMENT ON TIME!

If you choose USPS, you must be patient. DO NOT CALL ME AND ASK WHERE YOUR SHIPMENT IS. You can track your shipment at You will see the SAME results as me.

You can also file a missing mail claim at

SOMETIMES, if you contact your local Post Office, you can get better results.

Otherwise, SUCK IT UP and USE FedEx!!!