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Brass Hammers- Wood Handle

Buy Brass Hammers and Sledges with Wood Handles here, at The Hammer Source!

The Hammer Source has Brass Hammers with wood handles from 1 lb to 24 lbs.

These Brass Hammers are Yellow brass #865, and the handles are made with durable American Hickory with unfinished or sanded safety grip. Brass heads are secured to the handles with aluminum wedges. There are no steel components. 

Metal hardness comparisons can be seen here.

Generally, brass is considered to be non-sparking. However, 
The Hammer Source does not guarantee any hammer to be 
. Hammers can pick up other materials during use and those materials, like iron or steel, can be imbedded in the brass and cause sparks. Soft metal hammers like copper, aluminum and brass should be reground and dressed before each use in a critical environment.

Brass hammers (click on link for specific handle types):

Brass Hammers with Wood handles
Brass Hammers with Fiberglass handles
Brass Hammers with Steel handles

Quantity discounts available by size- see item for details.