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Nupla Dead Blow Hammers- Composite Head

Composite head and fiberglass handle, shock absorbent rubber grip or Super Grip. Head is partially filled with steel shot to deliver maximum impact. Replaceable faces feature metal screws for quick replacement. 

Hammers are sold with no tips. Tips must be purchased separately.

Nupla SPI Dead blow hammers come in 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 4" diameter sizes.

Nupla SPS/SPi Tip Hardness Ratings:

SS Grey Super Soft Tip- Shore A 45-58 (instantaneous) 
S Brown Soft Tip- Shore A 45-58
M Red Medium Tip- Shore A 59-72
T Green Tough Tip- Shore A 73-85
H Black Hard Tip- Shore D 49-65
XH  Yellow Extra Hard Tip- Shore D 66-95

20SS  20S 20M 20T 20XH

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