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Framing Hammers

Buy Framing Hammers at The Hammer Source.

The Hammer Source stocks 100's of framing hammers and finishing hammers (aka claw hammer, rip hammer, nail hammer). Find the hammer you are looking for arranged by handle type:

wood handles

fiberglass handles

steel handles 

Titanium hammers

We have a complete selection of Vaughan, Dalluge and Picard framing and finish hammers.

Framing hammers have serrated or milled faces and finish hammers have polished or smooth faces.

If you do deconstruction or tear downs or you are busting concrete forms, buy a steel handled hammer. Don't come whining to me me if you break your wood handle because you were busting concrete forms!!! Use a crow bar or nail puller. We do have replacement handles though.

You can search hammers by manufacturer and brands.

The Hammer Source has wood and fiberglass replacement handles. Click here to go to replacement handles.

Hammer ON!!

And we now have the Vaughan Woody Douglas Pattern VW18, VW20 - Look Familiar?  
3-16-21 NOTE- Production delays with this hammer. Not available at this time.



Check out the Solid Steal Leather-wrapped Picard Hammers