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Plastic Mallets

The Hammer Source has a huge variety plastic mallets. Plastic faces for replaceable face hammers can also be found in the Soft Face hammer category. 

Yellow Plastic Mallets: We have had a lot of positive feedback on these plastic mallets from Marine Surveyors who have used phenolic mallets. They are very hard ultra-high density molecular weight plastic. They are a bit harder than our white plastic mallets. Made in the USA, these mallets are cylindrical and tear drop shaped.

White Plastic Mallets: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene hammers, provide high impact, durability and high abrasive resistance. They are resistant to corrosion and most chemicals and will not fracture, splinter or dilaminate. Wood and plastic handles available (plastic mallets with plastic handles are excellent choices for the food industry).  Made in the UK, these mallets are cylindrical, domed, tear drop or square shaped.

Urethane Mallets: These hammers are a great alternative to a dead blow hammer where the loss of steel shot may pose a problem.

Elastomer Mallets: Ideal for Tool and Die applications. Resin material provides long lasting durability and provides powerful blows without damaging die or steel rule. Hardness 68 Shore D (Hard-Extra Hard)