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Soft (Replaceable) Face Hammers

Buy Replaceable Face Hammers here at The Hammer Source

The Hammer Source has Soft-face hammers with replaceable faces made of plastics, urethane, nylon, rubber, rawhide, copper and aluminum. 

We carry a variety of these hammers whos faces can be changed for varying uses. Some hammers are sold loaded with faces and some hammers are sold with no tips which must be purchased separately.

Here are some types of Replaceable Face Hammers:

Thor and Vaughan DB and NT Series Hammers

20-1212b.jpg  12-714nb.jpg

Split-Head Iron hammers

sh200-4-.jpg        31003-assembled.jpg     

Nupla SPS and SPI Series


Vaughan SF style and RM style hammers

vaughan-sf6-lrg.jpg rm24.jpg


Halder SuperCraft Hammers



Click on these links for Halder, Thor, Garland, Nupla and Vaughan hammers.